Thank you for your interest in our referral program! You can receive free gift certificate if you refer someone to Maid U Smile and they become a regular customer!
Thanks again!

If you have referred someone, please use the form below to inform us. You will receive an email record of your referral. Please read the referral rules below.

 Referral Rules:
(1) Referral Payout Amounts --- if the eligible customer takes...

  1. weekly service, you will recieve a $150 gift certificate.
  2. bi-monthly service, you will receive a $75 gift certificate.
  3. monthly service, you will receive a $25 gift certificate.

(2) Referred customer must not have been a customer for the past 24 months
(3) Referals can not be claimed by more than one person.
(4) Gift Certificates are only vailid in Maid U Smiles service area.

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